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Inhibitor Binding Affnity (IBA)

The IBA study is carried out in the laboratory of Dr. C. Kannicht and Dr. G. Kohla in Berlin, Germany.

The aims of this study are to evaluate:

Measurement of binding affnities will be done against pure recombinant full-length FVIII and additionally against purifed FVIII light- and heavy chain if possible.

In a frst step, plasma sample IgG will be purifed using the Melon Gel IgG Purifcation System. The amount of FVIII-binding IgG will be determined by CFCA or ELISA. Finally, affnity measurements will be done by surface plasmon resonance (SPR). Affnities will be calculated using the BiaEval-Software.

Literature overview:

Christoph Kannicht Christoph Kannicht
Berlin, Germany
Guido Kohla Guido Kohla
Berlin, Germany